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Q: How do I get a price quote on screen printed apparel?

A: Complete a price request form or Email 

 Q: Are there minimum piece requirements?


A: 24 pieces for screen printed apparel. 


No min. for engraved awards & plaques. browse our catalogs here. Get price quotes here.

Browse our awards and plaques catalog

 Q: Where can I view screen printing ink colors?

A: Have a look at our spot color inks here. We also offer PMS color matching, there is a surcharge for custom ink mixing,

 Q: What's the difference between Raster and Vector art.

A: The difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths. A raster graphic, such as a gif or jpeg, is an array of pixels of various colors, which together form an image. A vector graphic, such as an .eps file or Adobe Illustrator file, is composed of paths, or lines, that are either straight or curved. The data file for a vector image contains the points where the paths start and end, how much the paths curve, and the colors that either border or fill the paths. Because vector graphics are not made of pixels, the images can be scaled to be very large without losing quality. Raster graphics, on the other hand, become "blocky," since each pixel increases in size as the image is made larger. This is why logos and other designs are typically created in vector format -- the quality will look the same on a business card as it will on a billboard. With that being said, this is also why many times we can't use your small logo from your website, since it's a raster file (typically jpg or gif) it becomes very pixilated when we enlarge it to use in printing and engraving processes.

 Q: What is the standard production time?

A: It really depends upon the season and your project. The standard is typically 10 business days plus ship time. Rush service is available. Contact Us.

 Q: How do I get artwork to Graphic Creations?

A: email it to

 Q: Do I need artwork to have printing or engraving completed?

A: Absolutely not! We can create something for you. Simple designs that we create are no charge. We include the first 30 minutes of design time at no additional cost. If you have a design, Great! We can use that too. Email any artwork to us for review.

 Q: What kind of art can be used for screen printing and engraving?

A: Any high quality jpg is usually good enough. the original art is best (illustrator, photoshop, corel draw etc.) If you only have a jpg or a small web graphic it may be able to be used depending upon the complexity.

 Q: How do I get my order?

A: We ship via UPS ground or deliver in person depending upon the size of the order and where it is being shipped to or pickup from our office in Maryland. Free shipping on orders over $300

 Q: Is there a Cancellation Policy?

A: You can cancel any order that has not gone into production. However, an order typically will go into the first stages of production the day you approve the order. Due to the custom nature of the products that we sell, there are no returns. 



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